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Default Kode 86 or 94


I'm looking for a new board which should work on the following conditions:

- chopp / flatwater on lakes
- light wind conditions with medium waves in north france

I'm only 65kg.

At the moment, a have a Pureacid74 and a Kombat97 in technora edition. The Kode in carbonwood edition should replace the Kombat. The Kombat97 feels too big and heavy, jumps not very well and is not fast compared to the Pureacid.
The new board should glide early on light wind conditions with the 5.9 Severne S-1 which is my biggest sail. Don't like bigger sails.

My question:
The guy in my surfshop use for himself also Kode in the size 94. He told me that the board feels much smaller than 94 liters. He change now to the Kode102.
How many liters has the Kode86 and Kode94 really? Is the 86 also smaller than it should be? If the 86 is only arround 80l, I better choose the 94 which seems it is arround 90l.

Whats your experience with the real sizes of Kode86 and 94? Is the guy in the surfshop just fatter than last year?

Unfortunately there is no way that I can test the boards.

Many thanks in advance
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