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Default F-type 138 VS Isonic133


I own a F-type 138 2005 for the moment.

Sail it most of the time with 8.5 and 9.5. with the 52 Stock fin.
I am 67kg and 180cm.

It is very early planing board ,very simple to ride upwind+++

But when I want to go downwind it is like there is a break on the board when I reach the 48Km/h.

I own also a Isonic 105 and sailed it also with the 8.5 but it is hard to get it upwind.

Would a Isonic133 be faster than the FT138?
What about fast planning and upwind?

The Isonic145 is the almost the same as the Ftype138 I think?

I like to replace my FT138 but I have my doubts.

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