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I can confirm Ola's thoughts: acids are excellent sideshore waveboards (so I've heard , cause I never sail in waves) and are also excellent bump/jump boards in gnarly chaotic water state (where I use my 74). I don't know why you think sideshore wave boards are not good for b/j. Many sailors of different abilities confirmed that these are very good at b/j (acid, dacurve, chango, etc), while at the same time they found "onshore/newgen" wave shapes (such as evo) too "skatey/squirrely" (in a lack of a better description). You want straight(ish) rocker, narrow tail and some V - none of which you'll find on an evo.
If you need further explanation of these differences, I could find a couple of older discussions.

Good luck

Ola wrote:"while the Kode 80 is mode doomed with thinner rails"
I certainly hope Kode is not doomed ;-)))))
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