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Hola Ola_H

Many thanks for your quick answer. I will go for the Kode86. Especialy with the lightweight carbonwood edition should the board plane early with my weight.

The Kode86 comes with a 25cm Fin, which i think its a pure wave Fin, right? Which size should I additional buy for better performance with the 5.9 sail?(should be a early planing and fast Fin) We often have gusty conditions with arround 4-5 bft in here.

It's a pure wave fin indeed. But it's not bad as a B&J fin provided you use it kind of big. So with 5.3 and down I think you'll like it. My advice for the 5.9 is to first try the board with the 25 cm original fin and feel it out a bit before making a decision on how much more fin you want. This is very personal. If the 25 Drake natural feel kind of OK with the 5.9 (it's the size Drake Natural I use in waves with that sail size) then you could go for something like the Drake Crossover (or similar aftermarket) 26 to add a bit more planing power and upwind. If you feel the Natural 25 is very far away from giving the tail the power you think it need you can go up to a 28 crossover. Also if you plan on using outboard straps a bigger fin like the 28 will give a more powerful feel to the board.
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