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I tried the 122 2008 and liked it so much that i purchased the 2009 model.

The main difference i found was the foot strap positions. The 2008 model has very inboard and very out board positions. The very out board position resulted in you catching the back of your ankles in chop and making it hard to drive the jybe with your front foot.

The volume distribution between the boards is quite different. 2009 model has the scoope deck and this seems to help alot in with the top end control in very rough conditions. I'm always sailing in the the ocean, hence this control is important in going fast.

The scope deck has less volume around the mast foot hence you have to be alittle more careful in tacks not to sink the nose. The board does "feel" smaller due to the volume distribution however the overall float i think is about the same

hope this helps


ps - i also brought a 93 futura as well, top machine!
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