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Default RE: F-type 138 VS Isonic133

Thanks Roger for the advice,
I read a lots of exlanations from you and I am in the right direction.
I have expearenced with the mast foot position on the FT and the Is
I surfed the Isonic only with a 8.5 and yes it fiels a little big,it works but not ideal ,this is not my intention for the board,but when you get a new board you want to sail it,most of the time it was 12 to max 15 knots and I bought it for +15 knots.

It is just the downwind speed on my FT,when I push it the same way than the Isonics suddenly it is wanting to fly, it just comes out of the water,loosing control,when I try to run it flat (Mast position middle)there is a break that comes on,I was thinking that the fin was to big.

But my board is 2 years know and is ready to be sold.

Is there a big difference between the Ftype138 and the Is133 ?

Do I loose much in planning treshold?
Would I win in Max speed?
The surfing style on the Isonic133 ,can it compare to same turbo foot on the FT138?

For me it is the Is133 or the 145.

Can the Is133 handle Severne C2 9.5 without problems or do I need a bigger fin?

thanks alot,
Ps:Starboard support is the best.
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