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I'm about 80kgs and I am looking at about 15knots to 20+knots flat water. Where I sail and when the weather is cross shore the wind is up and down too much to enjoy lock down sailing. I use to do freestyle sailing on the old Wally days a long time ago and this season I have started back on the big board freestyle sailing with the GO155, which I am re-enjoying the fun I had in the old days. Now I want to take this further on a short board.

The board I am after would be more suited for light to medium wind transition tricks and then progressing up to more jumpy tricks later. This would be my first time short board tricks, out side of duck gybes on my wave kit. The Kode 94 is a keeper, which I use for bump and jump and could use for stronger winds freestyle. I was first thinking of maybe a Kode 102, but wanted to explore the option of a more Freestyle type of board.
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