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Default Flare 88 (08) Vs Kombat 89 (08) ?

Hi everybody,
I'm new on your forums.

(Taty on the place ? ...LagoonRider from Mayotte... )

I would like to change my actual 92L board ("freemove" : MX 92 AHD), for a little bite smaller.
I'm going in (basic new school) freestyle direction with JP 100 PFS, which is light and wide enouth for learning.
But I would like to have a smaller board (85/90 L) when the wind is stronger and when the 100 L is too big and too wide.

For these conditions, the water gets really choppy.
So does the Flare is a good choice ?

I should say for the Flare (wood) :
- lighter board
- early planning
- accelerations
- freestyle shape (if my level in freestyle increase fast)
- the look (I love it !!)

I should say for the Kombat (wood) :
- more possibility for tuning straps (but maybe it can be better for me to keep freestyle position)
- more carving shape for big choppy water
- also more freeride shape
- (BUT I don't like the red... pfffffffff.....girls and colours.........!!!!)

Simply, the question is :
can I also freeride in choppy water with 20/25 knds with 4.0 with a Flare 88 ?
Because, if my freestyle level increase enouth, I will aready have this small board to go ahead.

Conditions :
Flat water for holidays (10>25/30 kds), and at home (10>15/18 kds)
Choppy water for holidays (20/30 kds), and at home (18>25 kds)
I'm about 55/60 kg

I hope I'm clear enouth (!)

Thank's for your answers.
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