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Default Isonic 111 2007 vs 2009

Hi 739,

I owned an IS111 2007, then changed for 2008 model and now Im sailing the 2009 .
As on 2008 the board had a wider tail than 2007, and wider again on 2009 between straps, the board not only plane earlier, but carry better the bigger sails (8.4-9.0), the sweetspot is as usual around 7.8. As regards control the 2009 model, rigged with a proper fin (forget drake stock fins) have and incredible high speed smoother ride, even on chopp, I guess that is in that aspect that double wingers are paying off.
The chassis:
Isonic 2009 122/101/86 , F2 Mauiproject W 90 lts

The motors:
Slalom: Code red 8.8 NP RSR 7.8/6.7 evo/6.2 evo NP RS6 5.4
Wave: NP zone 4.4 North Ice 4.7/5.3

The rider: Age 48 (yeah, I know, so old, but still on form)
Height 1,84 m
Weight 87 kg
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