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Default RE: Drake crossover 26

Hi, JM . With a 5.4 combat mostly. I have a couple of wave fins but was looking for something for bump and jump/flatish water. The original fin is long gone. Every now and then I put the straps out and blast around flat water, but only in truly powered up 5.4 weather. Being 81 kgs I tend to hang on to that sail when most are on 5.0 or below as it has a wide range, but the wave fins just don't go well. Years ago I had a Freesex 96 (2002) which had a 25 FS drake fin. I found that fin excellent and didn't need any other fins with that board. I used with 5.0 NR and 6.2 Soul.
I'm hoping to reproduce that feeling on the Kombat 86. Occasionally I also put a 6.1 expression on if light, but these days that sail rarely gets wet.
Also had a look at the Select freestyle wave fin. That looks the same as the old 25drake I had. Hopefully plenty of lift for jumps etc.
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