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Hello wiindz !
Thank's for your thread.

You're true about 80/85 L.
But, the wind at home is not so much hight (85/90 should be the limit), and also I would like to buy only one board...
For the very hight conditions during my holidays, I can rent a smaller board for the few days it happens... (I arready did it with wave board)

For sure, if my level increase fast I will do more freestyle than freeride (I really get boried to go straight way, turn, straight way,turn,...)

Maybe it's a little bit too early to talk about a small freestyle board for me, but the opportunity is there for me to buy a Flare wood 08, and I really love the look (instead of the 09 black and white on the deck)
So it's why I wanted to know, if during time I will get better level in freestyle, it will be OK to ride (SOMETIMES) in big choppes with the Flare.
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