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Cool Is Isonic range designed for average weight sailors???

Seems to be an age old problem matching heavier sailors to suitable boards. Its a common theme on Forum.

If we examine Isonic range it can be seen an average weight sailor (75 k?) looking for medium /high wind board with a bit of reserve float could choose 86 (reserve 10 litres;width56.tail 37) or perhaps 94 (reserve 20 width 59/ tail 40) (All seems ok)

His 100k counterpart looking for similar usage board could choose 111 (reserve 10/width 68/tail 50) or perhaps 122. (reserve 20.width 75.Tail 53) (Not too sure)

If this is the case the heavier sailor ends up with proportionally more width. (lots more) and proportionally less volume. (a bit)

On the other hand we decide boards not on volume but on width the heavier sailor ends up on a sinker ?

What is teams view ?

Which Isonic should a 105k sailor choose for well powered up 6.5 to 8 metre conditions at a coastal venue ???
Should he sacrifce volume to get a manageable width or get a bit of "get home" volume and cope with the width ??? (or look elsewhere? Futura)

(Dont forget not many heavies sail like Antoine)
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