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I am not so sure it is designed with a 75Kg in mind, or with anybody in mind ... there are so many boards in the lineup! But I would guess that a 80-85Kg seems to have the best of the worlds for a luxurious three boards lineup:

I-86 + I-101 + I-122

Similarly the heavy weights (> 90) have a great line-up

I-94 + I-111 + I-133
push it up for > 100
I-101 + I-122 + I-144/I-150

If anything it is people around my weight (70-75) that might be a bit off, if I had to do my quiver again I would go:

I-76 + ? now the trouble starts I-94 + I-111 OR I-101 + I-122

A I-101 for light weights might be missing in the line-up, something that serves the same function of the I-76 for the I-86, but with the new short/wide platform.

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