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Hi Davide
See your point but dont quite agree.
Consider middle boards you suggest for 85k group and 100+k group, (using in same conditions)

Your 85 k sailor has about 15 litres reserve.Max width of 63 and tail idth of 45. This would be quite a control oriented set up on Isonic..???

On the other hand I would be on 122.About same reserve but would have a max width of 75 and a tail width of 53. I might be wrong but I would suggest I`d be having control problems quite a it before 85 k buddy.

Which raises the real question

Would a 105k sailor hold a 75cm wide board on water with same control as an 85k sailor on 63 cm. (Assuming all other factors equal) I dont think so ???

Can we really expect a board (like IS122) to fullfill two roles ? Heavyweights medium to high wind board. (with possible speeds approaching 35 knots) And then also perform well as a lighweights early planning board. (with speeds approaching 25 knots) Its a very tall order.Which one was it designed for ??
Suspect the 105 k sailor would actually be better off on Futura 122 ??? (With Isonic 101 to drop down onto)

I think the Futura 122 has similar volume/width ratio as Isonic 101 ??
Team comments ??
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