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Originally Posted by willy View Post
Hi Ola, Auraki and all,
and forget the provided fins, beside spin out my brand new Drake 36 fin fit loose inside the fin box, so it is easy to ruin it.
Xcuse my english
just a footnote to mention that the Drake fins (2008) are fine with me, I sanded them with 1200 grit to take out the logos before I ever used them, and they seem to work very well. I use Vector and Tectonics fins on my smaller boards. The only reason I can see to shell out 200-250 to get a new fin is to have an additional size, such as a Canefire 40.

As far as boards .. get two: you will just end up with a compromise otherwise. At our weight the Isonic 94 + Isonic 111 is a great combo, and you should consider the Isonic 86 + 111. As a only board get the 111 ... if your racing conditions are at around 15Kn it will be all you need and work better then the 101.

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