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Originally Posted by jvivas1973 View Post
Dear Sirs,

I weight 72 kg. I sail 85% in a flat water lake between 8-12 knots. 15% of time I sail at the open sea between 12-20 knots. I sail three out of 4 weekends in a month.

I own only a 8.0 sail.

All I want is to buy a board that allows me to plane as often as possible with a reasonable upwind/downwind capacity.

What would you recommend me?

Best Regards,
I think the Is-122 is the board for the 85% of the your time in 8-12 knots with a 8.0. YOu could also get away with the Is-111, that would work better in > 12 knots , I just got one and it is a great board. But with 8 knots winds, the Is-122 should give you more comfort and performance.

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