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Default RE: Starboard Gemini availablility

Hi All,
A little update on the Gemini.
Bill (o2bnme) and I took the Gemini out at the Canadian Hole here in Hatteras this morning.
It was blowing around 20 knots, so we put identical 4.8 m2 Sailworks Huckers on the Gemini and set off to see what the Gemini can do in higher winds.
Well, it sure goes. We hit 24.7 mph on Bill's wrist mounted GPS and probably could have gone even faster with a little more practice and coordination between us. We had never sailed together (for sure not on a tandem in semi-nuking conditions) so I think there was a little reluctance to "send it" regardless of consequences.
I piloted the Gemini (the pilot goes in the back here sort of like a biplane) the first few runs and we were able to tack and jibe it fairly well but it's a bit more difficult when it's windy than when it's 12 knots.
We came in and Bill became the pilot and we went back out and did around the same speed.
It was cool when the wind slacked off a bit. The Gemini with (2) 4.8 m2 Huckers kept on planing while most of the sailors on < 100 liter boards were kinda slogging.
Then I took the Gemini out with just one 4.8 m2 rig and it needed a little "pumping" to get it going (it&#39;s 372 cm long and weighs around 40 lbs.) but once it got planing, it went quite well.
The wind gusted up over 20 knots and I tried going upwind all the way back in the rear footstraps, but the nose was WAY up out of the water and I could feel the wind getting under it. Just the thought of having the whole thing take off skyward and get blown back over was enough to cause me to move forward about 6" from the back footstraps which seemed to knock the nose down. Next time I&#39;ll move the mast foot well forward in the center mast slot to keep the nose down better.
I hope someone got some photos of the Gemini.
Looks a bit like an aircraft carrier at full speed.
It was a whole lot of fun, and I was pretty impressed with the way it simply "blasted over" the small chop, giving a very comfortable ride in both tandem and single rider modes.
Hope this helps,
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