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Default futura size for intermediate

Hello to everybody,

I am interested in purchasing a futura and I want some advice with regard to size.

So far I have sailed an exocet nano of 155 lt with a 5,5 NP Zen in conditions ranging from 11 to 20+ knots, choppy and for about 40 sessions. I am able to beach start but not capable to waterstart yet. I use the harness half the time I sail and I am strugling to get into the straps. My body weight is 80kg.

Unfortunately I have to let the nano go permanently since I have boroughed it from my cousin who is moving to a different city.

Once I have made an attempt to sail a '08 116lt/68wide mistral screamer but I have found it difficult to uphaul or attempt to get into the straps. I am looking for a board to progress and keep as much as possible and that's why I am not opting for a new nano.

I would realy appreciate some advice. Thank you very much in advance for your comments.
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