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Default Kode 102 for first time freestlye?

I am looking at expanding my kit to include a new board for short board freestyle in flat water. This will be my first freestyle short board.
I am 80kgs and was looking at a Flare 106, but due freestyle boards in Aus don't have a great resale value, I was wondering how would a Kode 102 be for light wind short board freestyle. I currently have a Kode 94 which is great for bump and jump, but is too tipping and sinky for light upwind tricks. The sail sizes I am look at using is a 5.7m and 6.1m. The tricks I would focus on to start with, is more transistion style of tricks. Jump style tricks will follow later and the Kode 94 might be more suitable then.

Any advise would be welcome.

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