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I missed your weight in the first post. I also weight 80 kg. If you typically sail in 11-20 knots, the 122 will be better suited for you over the long haul (next 2-4 years). It will be a little more difficult to uphaul, but once you are comfortable in the footstraps and harness, water starting won't be far off.

You will need a bigger sail soon (6.5) and if you keep at it, a 7.5 won't be far off. If you go for the 133, it's not that different than the Exocet in size and you will find that it will be a bit too big in winds between 16 and 20 knots. As you increase your sails size, your speed will increase significantly, which means that the 133 will be a rough ride in 15 to 20knots of wind and the resulting chop.

In general, a board between 120 to 125 liters is a great all around board for intermediate sailors in the winds you are talking about. With some practice and a 7.5, you will be able to plane on the 122 in 11 - 13 knots.
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