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Hi Steve

Not on the team but I am a freshwater sailor and weight 86kg. I use iS122 for 7.3 and 9.0 and a Kombat86 for 4.x-6.0. It is a big gap (sometimes I would like a 100l in between), I can't really use any sail on both boards, but I have some minimum overlap wind-range wise and it works.
If you go for a K94/F93, I suppose you could live without the C111 altogether. If you are keeping it, I would suggest K86, you'll gain more control when it's hairy. You'll need some time to get used to smaller volume.

It's hard to recommend F or K without actually knowing *your* conditions. If fast blasting is really important, Kode can't match a Futura. Usually, inland sailing is considered "mellower" than coastal, but where I live it howls sometimes (+ large chop/swell). So in my case crossover boards suit that better, rather than "slalomish" shapes.
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