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Default RE: 100% Carbon gear


thanks for the reply. Yes, the masts come with 4 NeilPryde Sails (Diablo). So, basically they were designed for these sails. You are correct - they are not constant curve but for Diablo sail it would be the best mast. I have several sails and masts which I think don't match - I did not know enough knowledge about mast-sail matching and recently found it out. So, I have a choice of upgrading my whole set of gear with Diablo sails and these 100% masts.
For the boom - it is WorldCup Race Pro boom made by Fiberspar (it is older but in a good condition). The size is 200-250 cm which is good for 6.7, 7.7 and 9.2 of these sails.
I want to upgrade (the price is right) and have all my sails and masts the same instead of having different kinds of them.
Btw, what about durability? Should I worry about it?

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