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Default 8.5 and Futura 112?

I am looking to replace my Carve 133 with the Futura 112 as my big/light wind board.

My biggest sail is an 8.5 and i know the Futura 122 will handle it, but i am wondering if it will be feasible on the 112. I like the width and smaller volume of the 112 as our home spot is a river that gets very choppy really quickly in light winds and the 133 was just too wide and unwieldy in those conditions. So, i need something that will plow through the chop better but can still handle the 8.5.

Size and volume of the 112 is not an issue as i sail smaller boards (82L and 102L) in higher wind conditions.

So, the question is: will 8.5m fit on the 112L Futura?


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