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it's probably a combo ... For planning you need a certain planning surface, the more surface, the earlier you plane (width of the board vs it's lenth and rocker). Also there's the factor on how much of your weight is pulled forward by the sail, so sailsize vs windspeed vs body weight. So in this logic, you should be able to get the same effect in planning with an identical board as the 60 K sailor but then with a 1.5 times bigger board, which makes the board too wide to freestyle anymore and with a 1.5 times bigger sail, which is doable but on a 90 cm wide board you need a bigger fin which again gives problems on the sailrange. So all in all, the problem is simple but has no effective solution, us heavy guys will always be screwed on light wind days and in certain surf diciplines. Thats why we've started to love our belly's more and more and with a beer in our right hand cruise the slalomtrack showing those lightwind boys what we do best.
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