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Default free ride fin for 85L

Hi Roger,
I have JP FreeStyleWave 85L. The local lake where We/I sail is a "great lake". When wind picks up we have bump and jump conditions BUT we need to slog 1km in order to reach that spot. Slogging with stock 25cm wave/freestyle fin for 1km, no comments, but it shapes up your skills. It is cold now so it is not time for shaping.

I am thinking two things 1) get free ride fin and use it for magic 1km run and switch fin when I get there. I???ll need to have backpack or something to keep 2nd fin???but I do not like that an idea at all 2) get free ride fin and use it all time. The sail I use is 5.0-6.0.

Is there any other solution? What size fin to get (I am 72kg)? I???ll be down in Hatters in 2-3 weeks, You know market better then me, where to buy a fin in OBX? What kind?

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