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Originally Posted by Langdon View Post
Unfortunately you can't get that Loctite thing everywhere.
Seems to be an easy way to solve it, but not if you can't get it

Anyone know if there's an alternative ?
Firstly fill the damaged hole with epoxy and redrill 4mm carefull with depth

I went to a specialised bolt supplier (not hardware shop) who just happen to have stainless steel self tappers with exactly the same thread pitch and slightly bigger in dia.
(very important don't use the finer pitch ones)
You'll have to cut them down to 35mm long
The SB ones are only 27mm long , the insert is 25mm deep, the footstrap and antitwist thingos are 16mm, leave 5mm da maths
Replace all 8 screws

JP actually supply 2x spare oversize screws with their boards (never had any probs with their inserts)

Why an excellent board manufacturer like Starboard lumber us with crap footstraps, wrong screws and crap fins is beyond me

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