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Default RE: For Ian - high wind board choice

Incidentally, we had the most fierce storm in a few years in Sweden on friday and for the lion part of the day we had a mean wind ranging between 22-26m/s, which is 44-52 knots. I used an EVO 62. I only weight 68 kilos, so that much wind is kind of windy for me, but I think the trick is to go out with the right attitude and charge and not get in the back seat. When you get tired it get difficult (and kind of dangerous).

Anyway, wrt control the PA73 was more EVO like than the 07 PA74. The PA74 is more directional and favours being driven harder over the fin. More locked in if you like. Its great at that though, and I think most sailors would indeed feel it handles high wind more securely than the old PA73 (but I would rather say they do it differently and personally prefers EVOs for control). In any case the PA74 is a much nicer freeride board and would match a Kombat perfectly.

You could go K79 too, but you would loose a bit of low end and a bit of high end. For B&J style riding I think it should handle high wind very well at your weight, but 6.0 will not be as comfy as on the K86. So, if you really use the Kombat in such conditions, I think adding the PA74 will make more sense than replacing. For many people that range makes up a lot of the "fun" sailing. But if you're willing to loose some effectiveness in the 6.0 range, the K79 will probably just as fun from 5.3 and down.

I believe the PA74 indeed has a bit wider tail than the PA80.
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