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Default RE: Foot Strap Positioning

Hi Roger,

I've got the mastfoot in the middle of the track at the moment.

The railing is more like the occasional lift where it rises out for a second, then I push it back down.

I have size 9 US feet.

I personally think the straps could have options to be set out further.

All my other boards have been boards made by a company called Protech who are no longer in the business. They aways had their boards set up so you could wrap your feel around the rail. So now I'm used to having my feet wrapping the rail.

So maybe I just have to adjust to this? I'm thinking maybe straight formula might have been the way to go, but I'll work on this setup and maybe in 2008 go for the 161's sucessor! B)

Anyway Roger thanks for your thoughts, I'll put more time on the board and try some of your suggestions!



p.s. I also have an 8.4 RS-S to rig down to once the wind is averaging 14 knots or more!
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