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Default Your help to find a death windsurfer of OAHU

Hello all,
I need your help to discover where is my family in the world right now. I know this might sound weird but need your help to find the name of one person that can make me get to them. Let me describe him:

He lived in Oahu, was used to Windsurf in Diamond Head, but died very young maybe between 1968 and 1978.
He was a good windsurfer. I know of one accident he have there, he hit a rock with the fin and got catapulted, then he hurt his knee with the reef or a rock. Looks like he recovered of this but after that, this hurt in the knee opened frequently, it never healed really. Maybe this clue can make remember someone who was.
He might be young as looks like her mother and a young girl where in the beach sometimes too.
Its tough but there are some clues clear:

- Leaved in Oahu
- Windsurfed in Diamond Head many times, maybe mostly
- Have a hurt in the left knee that never healed completely
- Died betweeen (estimate) 1968-1978.
- He was north american or at least resident north american
- His family might be alive yet.
- He might carry a bracelet in their right hand.

Also, there is a good chance he might be a very good windsurfer, not sure if this is true, but could have been one of the bests.

Please, help me find his name. Check in your memories, old photographs, he must appear. I am sure its really easy to get to this person and there are not really too much chances.

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