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Never tried a Kombat, but if you want to sail in lighter winds a freeride board in the 112 ltr range will be great with your 6.4 to a 7.5 or greater.

I'm 70 kg and ive used mine with a 5,0 6.5 a 7.5.

Just look for something with decent width, 62-67 cm seems to be the standard with that volume.

Many people have steered me away from slalom boards as recreational freeride boards. They are efficient but a choppy wave state can make them a handful' i'm told. They plane early, but only with large rigs.

A more streamlined "traditional sailboard" outline of a freeride board needs a bit less horsepower to accelerate to a plane, yet is admittedly more likely to drop off the plane in a lull than a slalom, but at least will be comfortable if you're underpowered and have to slog somewhere. Jibing will be more like your Kombat. It will handle rough water and not overly stress your ankles.
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