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Originally Posted by nonopr View Post
I have notice that you are always looking for the cheap stuff everywhere. First you ask about the car rack and you buy the cheap one after everyone recommended thule or yakima,
First I live on an caribbean island like you my friend. But this one isnt like Porto Rico their you can get everything in nice shopping centers and has many daily flights from us etc. I went around the island for a day and asked if they had any Thule roof racks and just get sent to between different auto shops. In one place they had one par. Went back their after I checked all others and got them as an base to make something of myself. Sometimes you have to be creative. Got over to my workshop, cut out and bended some 1/16, 316 stainless straps riveted them on the existing ones, bolted throw everything to the car roof. Now I can go surfing and windsurfing every their on the island.

And if I orders something from the stats it always a mess to get them to accept my Antillean credit cards and the shipping kills every good deal.
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