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Question Short mast w/ long extension vs long mast?

Hi Roger,

I have always been curious about the performance differences of using a shorter mast with long extension verses a longer mast with short extension. My 2000 Retro 9.5 for example is rigged on a 490 with a decent amount of extension. I inherited this sail with a 520 mast that subsequently broke as you may recall. I've not really been able to discern any significant difference between the two masts other then the 490 feeling lighter.

I've recently acquired a new old stock Gaastra Swift 10.0 which has a 526 cm luff and calls for a mast with 34 IMCS. What performance would I be giving up to use a 490 cm mast with 30 IMCS instead of a 520 with 34 IMCS?

Thanks in advance,
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