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Hello, thanks for your email,
well, I prefer not to say last name, really because people will think that I am crazy if i tell the story that got me to this point.
However, the thing is that this person I was looking for, is really myself, in a previous life.
I had a casual visit to a very spiritual person, one of the most reknowns in the world, that finds yourself in previous lifes and usually, without knowing you, knows exactly all what happens in your actual life just looking to this past. Its amazing how he can really know everything about anyone without knowing you, with details, names, numbers, experiences.

He never knew who was I when we casually met, and he just saw me and told me he was just looking a previous life of me and he saw and described me all this information in detail. He was very curious when then I said him that I know practice this sport and also, I have been in that place some years ago, and also, i am a good windsurfer now a day.

There is a lot of stories that happened in that time and I need to know more of what happened then, and also, as i am very young yet, all my family of that time should be alive and there. There is lots of things I need to understand, and specially, the reason why now, I am again a Windsurfer. Curious thing in a very young sport for sure.

In case you know who can help me to discover more of this person of the past, please help me.

And thanks for trusting me, and understand the real reason why I prefer to keep my name as a secret.

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