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Originally Posted by Ken21 View Post
Agree wtih Chris. The problem with most ppl trying on waist harness after being on seat ones from day 1, would find it weird as the waist harness tends to ride up the body.
i think it realy depends on what kinf of waist harness you buy, i know its a tierd cliche, but the newer the better in this case. waist harnesses have great benefited fro the reletively new sport of kiteboarding. since you dont have the option to use a much smaller kite when doing freestyle and such, but you still need the mobility that only a waist harness can provide, they had a problem because the older harnesses did ride up quite a bit. however, in the last couple of years, kiteboarding rapidly evolved forcing the waist harness to do so as well, and so we have the kite waist harnesses of today. since they are designed to work with a kite, which due to the angle of pull that is far sharper then that of a windsurfer, wants to make the harness ride up more, so companies overcame that problem and the new harnesses just dont ride up almost at all. if by any chance they do however, you can spend another 30$ and buy a bar pad which not only eliminates ride up and the barr rolling up completely, it is also way more comfy. with the technology going into waist harnesses today, its almost unfair to compare the new ones to the origininal ones.
p.s. i also used a seat for a while for blasting and such, but i just bought a new 07 dakine pyro waist harness, and absolutely love it!!
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