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Default SUP? for windsurfing

hey all, i bought a starboard ultimate blend in hopes that i could use it for windsurfing after the wind has dropped below what i can go on my 105l board. and still be able to catch some rides on what passes for waves here.

today was one of those days, was on my 6.2, wind dropped enough that i was still planing, barely.. so i popped the sail on the SUP, felt like loads of power, but could never get it at plane at all, except while in a breaking wave.
so is this normal?
is it possible to get these to plane just on sail power?

and any tips on getting upwind?
ive already put a larger wave fin in, i can stay even, but am having a really hard time getting upwind far enough to be able to get on the wave far enough upwind.
already considered the wind had gotten too light, so i took the smaller board back out again, and was still able to plane.
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