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Default Volume, sail size, dead wind slogging

Hey All,
I am in the middle of the Canadian Praries and we get some great wind days, but when it shuts down, it shuts down fast. I learned to ride on 180L board and then I started riding a 95L board about four years ago. I have done a lot of swimming when the wind shuts down ever since and have been limited to days when the wind is above 15 knots. There is no place to rent or try different boards in about 1000 miles. I would like to get a bigger board, that will not sink in light winds when i need to get back to shore, but i don't want it to be too big when it starts to howl. I wiegh about 90kgs. I am specifically looking at the futura and am thinking about the 122L and 133L options. Some days we can sail on 4.0 to 4.5m2, is this board to big for those sails - as it is rated 5.5 - 9.0 m2.

I am an intermediate sailer, can water start consitantly, but can not jibe yet. I want to end my swimming career and buy a board that gives me a good range of options that allows me to go out on lighter wind days as well as when it really blows. I really have no experience in choosing the right volume for a board and would appreciate any advice, even from a basic level.
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