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Default Kode 122 as an intermediate board

Hey all. I have recently sold my Rio M, as I was hoping to pick up a 2009 Futura 133 in wood. I have been told by the local shop that they can't get one in and I would have to wait for a 2010 Futura 133 to come in around August. He did say that a 2009 Kode 122 was available (in wood I think). I realise they are completely different styles, but from what I have read, the Kode seems like the style I want to get into... eventually.

What I am concerned about is whether it is too big a jump from the Rio, given I cant water start and only really getting into the foot straps occasionally. I weigh around the 93-95kg mark, so 122 seems like its a little on the small side. Moving back to Newcastle on the coast in a few months so will get a lot nicer wind (than Canberra). Sail quiver is a 6.2 Charge and 7.0 Natural.

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