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Default North 'S' Type sails - any good?

After much thought (and advice given through this forum - so thanks for all the help) I've gone and bought myself a Futura 133. I'm now looking for a suitable big, lighter wind sail - don't want to go higher than an 8.5m - and was wondering if North S Types were well received? The reason I ask is that you can use the 8.4m version with a mast extender so I wouldn't need to change my existing 460 mast, plus the boom required isn't that long so I can use my old boom as well saving more money! I know it has 3 cams (the top one being removable) and as it's a North, it'll probably be built very well. However I don't want something that needs loads of wind (like a lot of race sails - stable in a blow but lacking power when less windy). I'm keen to hear what others may think. Thanks.
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