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Default Hi...

I think F is a good choice for blasting and jibe learning...but it will be very difficult to go for a one-board solution for the range you mentioned...

If you want to go out on a 4.0 wheather (which for >90kg guy is 30+ knots) and have it also as a lightwind combo that is kind of impossible.

I would go for 111, and 133 or even 144, you will cover everything from 10kn to 30+...even though I thing the 111 will be too big for 4.0. Well I am 95kg and I take 4.3 out on a day that the gust are over 40 knots (and under feet i have a total sinker of 86 liters).

I am sorry to tell you but one board solution is almost impossible in your case...I bet you can get something cheaper (used or smth, surf rentals usally sell their old boards for something like 50% sell price)...

good Luck anyway.
Ciao Michal.
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