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Way I read it you are looking for a relatively high volume board with good top end control and ability to cope well with chop.
At your weight you can use smaller than minimum recomended. (perhaps half metre under min rec???)

Personally wouldnt go Futura.Top end control is not its forte.Its fast and wide for any given volume.Not ideal for high wind easy control. Big code(110 litre) would be better bet.(if new)
Its a common problem for heavier sailors ;ie looking for a board that can cope in 30 knots but just enough volume to get home if wind dies. I had kombat for a few years and it did the job great. (105 litres) Goya FXR (105) and F2 style (109) also worked well.Fanatic Hawk/Eagle might do job also.(Eagle a touch wide)
Dont go too wide. (max 63 ishcm)

You will need 105 to 110 litres.

Good luck.
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