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you have a problem muxx, i live in montreal so same kind of conditions as you im afraid i am a little bit lighter then you however, which does help me out a bit, i have 2 boards, which i think is a must minimum in our kind of weather. 115l for <15knts days, and 88l for anything after that. at 70kgs about, with a 6.6 the 115l starts flying on me when its gusting 18knts, so i have a choice, either switch down to a 5.8, in which case i can sail the 115l quite comfertably up to about 25knts ish, on a good day with flat water, then i could switch down to 4.8 and so on, and it is sailable, but you will have so much more fun on your 95l after about 20knts, that it will just feel stupid to switch down to a smaller sail on a bigger board. as they say. no pain no gain, but if you rig so that your always sailing right at the top end of your sail on the 95l, even if the wind drops, you should be able to back down the sail tension and get back to shore for a rig change. honestly, sailing in 4.0/4.5 weather with a 105l powered up is not my idea of fun, my friend wieghs about the same as you, took out his mistral explosion 103l in 4.5 weather with a 4.5, and while he had a good time, he was flying all over the place wayyy over powered, and he knows his way around a board if you know what i meen. i went out with my 88l and 4.8 and had an absolute blast. look, 105l ish in 4.5m weather is deffinately do-able, you know pull out the little fins , crank everything down and move the straps all the way back and all that jazz, but its a pain!!! not to mention 4,0 weather! i where you, i would buy a comfterble <20knts board, and use your 95l board after that rigged a bit bigger then you should rig that way you can spare yourself most of the swimming, ......
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