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Default The Futura/Go and their concaved decks?

Wow! My new Futura has just arrived. Holy Schmoly! What a freeking amazing looking board. Yummy curves. My '08 was killer but ooh i can't wait to shred with this bad boy. Yeeh!

Now that it is here (as is my wife's Go Sport) and i've had the chance to look 'em over for a while, a question has risen in my mind... Their concaved decks rises from the mast track up to a 'ridge' that then rolls over to the rails - When you bail and the mast slams on to the deck will this 'ridge' line be subject to point loading and crush? Plus i was thinking that with the track being lower than the ridge perhaps the mast is more likely to hit the board before the sail hits the water....

Does this actually happen in practice? Are crushed Futura ridges something that is happening out there or do i have nothing to worry about? Just a thought....

Bring on the big winds!!!!
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