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Question 105 litres in 30knots +

Dont really think a 70k sailor can give an enlightened view on a 90k sailors choice of board; especialy when it contradicts another heavier sailors advice.

A 90k salor CAN have lots of fun on 105 litres (and more) in 30 knots (andmore)if he chooses correct 105 litre board. Fair comment he`d go better/easier etc on less but less would not answer problem.(ie get him home when wind dies)

Wind is similar at my venue.I`ve stopped trying to use ideal board for exactly reasons mentioned. Boards I`ve listed WOULD be fun in 30 to 35 knots for 90k. I`m heavier but have used mentioned boards in a good deal more and though not deal were still "fun".

Watch good freestyle sailors; effectiively using boards"too big" and having loads of fun.( My 65k mate use 90 litres(JP frrestyle pro) in 4 metre weather. (4.7 for me). (Thats like putting a 90 k sailor on 124 litres; saying a 90k bloke cant have fun on 105 is plain wrong !)
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