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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Dont really think a 70k sailor can give an enlightened view on a 90k sailors choice of board; especialy when it contradicts another heavier sailors advice.

A 90k salor CAN have lots of fun on 105 litres (and more) in 30 knots (andmore)if he chooses correct 105 litre board. Fair comment he`d go better/easier etc on less but less would not answer problem.(ie get him home when wind dies)

Wind is similar at my venue.I`ve stopped trying to use ideal board for exactly reasons mentioned. Boards I`ve listed WOULD be fun in 30 to 35 knots for 90k. I`m heavier but have used mentioned boards in a good deal more and though not deal were still "fun".

Watch good freestyle sailors; effectiively using boards"too big" and having loads of fun.( My 65k mate use 90 litres(JP frrestyle pro) in 4 metre weather. (4.7 for me). (Thats like putting a 90 k sailor on 124 litres; saying a 90k bloke cant have fun on 105 is plain wrong !)
fair enough, i should have probobly worded it better, yes YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN HAVE LOADS OF FUN with that kind of board/ wind combination if you choose the right board and if the water state alows. however, no matter how much you weigh, the plain fact is that if you go on a smaller board, same modle and year for argument's sake, you can rig bigger and handle more power while still in reasonable controll. the point is, you take a bigger board you kind of have to rig small if you dont want it to fly on you, weather rig small for you is 4.5 or 5.5 due to your weight, it doesnt matter but it certainly has to be smaller. now, asuming that you are sailing flat water, as mentioned here (i.e not waves) you want to go fairly fast id presume or do freestyle, in wich case its almost always reletively big boards with relitively small sails.
from what i understand, the idea is more todwards speed here, its comon knowlage that theoreticaly small board with bigger sail will go faster then bigger with smaller sail, i dont care how much you weigh thats true for everybody. so obvously if speed is the objective, smaller board +bigger sail, as i mentioned before, is going to go faster and therefore be more fun (for me anyways!)
what i was merely sudjesting, is since you seem to have a high wind board that your happy with, your 90l why not just buy a light wind board to complement it instead of one board to replace it and be a lightwind board, since your buying a board anyways... if you have the cash, id say go formula or bigger slalom board for <15knts, if you have no waves its hard to beat that!!
if you still want to buy a "one board quiver", look into something a litle more wavy to improve the top end turning ability and control, then again it won't be very effective in light winds...take a look at the kode, it's supposed to be good all across the board(kind of what you need...)

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