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Default messed up quiver!?

It's a hard one this,and i think some of the fun in windsurfing is the constant longing for an even better day... I am 70 kgs myself,the 111 is a fantastic board,its perfect with the 8.3. and great with the 6.7 as well,maybe not the fastest in top speed but fast around the bouys. recently bought a 76, this would be perfect with my 5.6,(sails CR) IT,s kind of all good, but if i dared tell my wife,i would have an 96 as well,its possible to sail the 111 fast in overpowered conditions, but not perfect, its also good with the 76 but not very effective in the lulls... How come you can have so much fun,and still not be satisfied-says my wife?? the greats joys of surfing eeh? always up for an even better day
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