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Default RE: Formula Sail Sizes?

Yann, The WB12.3 was great in a light breeze - so long as it was constant -but it did not respond well to gusts and was not very tuneable. I really liked the Nitro 4 12m. it was light, responsive and far easier to tune. it respnded well to downhaul on the beach and outhaul out on the water. The Nitro planed earlier but felt a little soft which seemed to sap its top end. The WB was more rigid and locked in and seemed to have a better top end. I am a recent convert to the wide luff tube of the NP RSs. I have to admit that they are very powerful - the 11.6 easily providing more grunt than the Nitro 12. However, when i change down its to a Neutron which can be set very flat indeed but retains it's profile well around the boom. With regard to wind range - that depends on your size/weight/fitness/strength. I am quite big and find that i can stay with larger sails for longer. In my opinion (and I'm no expert) if you want good windrange, go for the nitro over the WB. hope this helps.
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