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Originally Posted by Christine View Post
La Futura 93 2009 a profité des changements opérés sur les isonics: nez affiné et creusé au niveau du rail, plus de volume mis entre les straps avec un plan de pont bombé.

Straps: position médiane extérieure à l'arrière, médiane externe à l'avant.
Sorry for using English (I could use Italian but my French is horrible), you can answer in French.

A quick question, for a 70-72Kg person is the Futura 93 good for 6.6(-7.3) with the possibility of a bit of slogging?

I need something smaller then my IS 111, but bigger then my CA SL 52, and maybe a bit more freeride oriented (will be used in big chop) ... alternative is the IS-94

thank you!
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