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Originally Posted by Ola_H View Post
I think the iS101 is too close. I'm your weight and even though the S101 is a very controllable board that is surprisingly easy to ride in chop it still sums up as a light wind kind of board. If I had a 111, I would rather pair it with a iS86 (or possibly 94). The 86 is still very effective with something like a 6.6 but feels like a much smaller and more natural board with a powered up 6.0.

But maybe the 86 is to close to the CA58 you are getting rid of? If so, it would help to know why you are selling the 58?
Volume wise the CA 58 is just about right, something that seats in between the CA 52 and the IS 111, although I really question its real volume, 98L seems very optimistic. I am selling it simply because CAs do not seem to work very well for me. They feel unstable at high speed and they are slow on the uptake ... it might be that they are designed as pure downwind high-wind boards but I found them quite limited in range.

I can probably try to live with the CA 52 + IS111 combo, but it is a big gap ... a Is 86 seems a bit close to the CA 52, but it is an idea. Good to rule out the 101.

More evenly spaced is indeed a Is 94 or maybe a Futura 93. The futura might actually double as a more versatile board: still floaty (almost uphaul), can go fast or do little B&J depending on fin, with the new short and wide + wide tail layout that I am coming to like a lot.

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