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Originally Posted by Ola_H View Post
I think you should try out an iS86 if you have the chance. It's still a fair bit wider, especially in the tail, than the CA52. I think you will find it quite well positioned in between the iS111 and CA52. It's an awesome boards also for a light weight, non slalom racer like myself. Even though its lower volume than the CA58, I think you will still find it big enough.
Too bad that is impossible to try boards, at least in the old USA. The Is86 is an interesting idea, it is quite a step up in dimensions in respect to the CA 52 (52 vs 56.5, a 32.5 tail vs 37.5) although the volume is actually the same, and it would have been the board of choice for a 2 slalom boards quiver. In dimensions the Is56 is actually in between a CA SL 55 and CA 58 (that has still only a 37 tail), while the Is 94 (or Futura 93) is bigger (40 tail x 59), so I can see the logic of the suggestion. Still 86L do not float too well ... I wander where I could try one!

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