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"I am an intermediate sailer, can water start consitantly, but can not jibe yet. I want to end my swimming career and buy a board that gives me a good range of options that allows me to go out on lighter wind days as well as when it really blows. I really have no experience in choosing the right volume for a board and would appreciate any advice, even from a basic level."

Was the original "question" !

A good "allround" 105 to 110. (even 115 !!) would be fine.
kombat; kode(???); style; synchro. xtc. not too slalom dedicated.(Not futura !)
even a Hawk or Eagle. try a few in conditions you mention.

There are LOTS of boards that even though the have get home buoyancy work great when overpowered. (S type is at its best then)
Good luck
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